This legal warning regulates the use of the website (hereinafter, the “Website”), which is provided as a convenience to you by ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., telephone +34 91 310 62 70 and email address

  1. Purpose and Acceptance

This text regulates the conditions of access and use of the website (hereinafter, the “Website”), which is provided as a convenience to you by ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., calle Torrelaguna, nº 79, Madrid, CP. 28043, telephone +34 91 310 72 00 and email address
The navigation through the Website, attributes the user’s condition and implies the full acceptance without reservations of each and every regulation included in this Legal Warning
The user commits himself to make correct use of the Website in accordance with the laws, good faith, public order, the usages of trade and this text that regulates the conditions of Access and use of the Website. The user will respond to ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. and to a third party, about the damages and prejudices that could be caused as a consequence of the non-fulfillment of the mentioned obligation.

  1. Access and use conditions

The Website is of free Access.
The user commits to properly use the offered contents of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. and not to use them to, among others:

  1. Spread criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, with terrorism apology or, in general, against the Law or public order.
  2. Introduce a virus in the web or make updates that can alter, damage, suspend or create errors or damages in electronic documents, data or physical and logical systems of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U or a third party; or hinder the access of other users to the website and its content
  3.  Introduce a virus in the web or make updates that can alter, damage, interrupt or create errors or damages in electronic documents, data or physical and logical systems of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. or a third party; or hinder the access of other users to the website and its contents by the massive use of the computer resources through which ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. shows its contents.
  4.  Try to access to other user’s email or to restricted areas of the computer systems of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. or a third party, and extract information.
  5. Damage the rights of intellectual or industrial property, and also damage the confidentiality of the information of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. or a third party.
  6. Duplicate, copy, distribute or any other form of public communication, transform or modify the contents, unless they have the authorization of the holder of the relevant rights and it is legally permitted.
  7. Obtain data for advertising purposes and send advertising of any kind for selling or other kind of commercial purposes without previous request or consent.

All the contents of the website, texts, pictures, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as its design and source codes, constitute a work property of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., and cannot be thought as transferred to the user any of the exploitation rights of the contents over the strictly necessary for the correct use of the website.
Definitively, the users that access this website can visualize the contents and make, given the case, authorized private copies as long as those elements will not be transferred afterwards to a third party, they will not be installed in servers connecting webs either, neither will they be object of any kind of exploitation.
Also, all the brands, commercial names or any kind of distinctive icons that appear in the website are property of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., without this use or access being thought as an attribution to the user of any right over them.
It is forbidden the distribution, modification, transferring or public communication of the contents or any other action that has not been specifically authorized by the holder of the exploitation rights.
The establishment of a hyperlink does not imply any relationship between ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U.  and the owner or operator of the web site with which it is established, or the acceptance and approval by the ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. of its content or services. Anyone establishing a hyperlink must request prior written authorization from the ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. The hyperlink will allow only access to the home-page or the Web home page, likewise, an attempt should also be made to refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. must not contain material that is illicit or contrary to good manners or law and order.
ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. is not responsible for any use that gives each user the materials made available on this website or the activities carried out based on them.

  1. Cookies Policy

The user is warned that the fact of entering the website may cause a fingerprint (“cookie”) to be installed automatically in the browser of his/her computer. To learn more about cookies on our website, visit our “Cookies Policy”.

  1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

The content of this website is of a general nature and its aim is merely to provide information, and no guarantee is given for access to all contents, nor of their thoroughness, correctness, validity, or accuracy, nor of their suitability or utility for a specific purpose.
ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U.  excludes, to the extent permitted by the legal system, any liability for any kind of damages and prejudices arising from:

  1. The impossibility to access to the website or the lack of  truthfulness, accuracy and/or current importance of the contents, as well as the existence of vices and defects of all types of content transmitted, distributed, stored, made available or have been accessed through the website.
  2. The presence of viruses or other elements in the contents that might cause a disturbance in computer systems, electronic documents or the data of users.
  3. The failure to comply with the laws, good faith, public order, uses of trade and the current Legal Warning as a consequence of incorrect use of the website. In particular, and solely by way of example, ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. is not liable for third parties’ performance that infringe intellectual and industrial property rights, business secrets, right to honor, personal, family and self-image privacy right, as well as unfair competition and illegal advertising law.

Furthermore, ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. accepts no liability for any information that can be found outside this website and that is not directly managed by our webmaster.
The purpose of the links which appear on this website is purely to inform the user of the existence of other information sources to provide them with additional information that provided in this website.  ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. does not guarantee or accept responsibility for the operation or accessibility of linked websites; nor does it suggest, invite or recommend visiting them, and will nor, therefore, be responsible for the results obtained by visiting these sites. ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. is not responsible for the creation of hyperlinks by third parties.

  1. Privacy and data protection policy

The use of the website (the “Website”) offered by ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., with address at Calle Torrelaguna, nº 79, Madrid, CP. 28043, telephone +34 91 310 62 70 and email address, necessary implies to collect some information from its clients and service users.
This Privacy policy applies to all people who contact to ENGIE ESPAÑA for any reason, and who enter into the Website (“User”).
This Privacy policy is applicable to all services offered by the Website, as well as to the pages and services that can be added to the Website in the future, and it is subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the current regulations on Personal Data Protection and Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce
Unless otherwise indicated, ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. is the data controller of the personal data obtained by this Website.
For any enquiries, requests and suggestions concerning the processing of your personal data, you can submit applications through the following postal and email address: calle Torrelaguna, nº 79, Madrid, CP. 28043;

    • Those personal data provided voluntarily by you in relation with your application.
    • Those personal data generated or exchanged with you, after the initial request, in response to that request.
    • Those data generated due to the use of the website, using cookies. Please refer to out Cookies Policy”.  
    • Those personal data that you provide through a social network for the management of your request. These data depend on the privacy settings of each user, the use that each user of the social network makes, as well as the privacy policies of the social network in question.

Users guarantee the authenticity and validity of the personal data provided through the website and will update any information provided to ENGIE ESPAÑA. so that it always corresponds to the actual and current situation. Users will be responsible of any false or inaccurate statement and any damage that may cause to ENGIE ESPAÑA or to third parties.
ENGIE ESPAÑA will manage the collected data in accordance with the applicable law and with the terms and conditions established in this Privacy Policy.
The personal data provided to ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. sill be used to process and manage the request made by users. Whether they are for information, consultation, or reception of services offered by the Company.
ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. is legitimated to process your data for the purposes of management and processing of the requests of the Users, as it is necessary for the compliance of the contractual obligations of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. in relation to these requests.
Regarding the sending of promotional information about products and services of similar nature to those that are the subject of the User’s request, this processing constitutes a legitimate interest of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., expressly recognized by the regulations on data protection, and is expressly authorized by the regulations on services of the information society. The User may object to receiving, now or at any time, commercial communications about the products and services of ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., by sending an email to
ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. will not make data transfers to third parties without previously obtaining your consent, with the exception of those necessary for the fulfillment of the legal or contractual obligations to which ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. is subject at all times by its nature and activity, and/or for the fulfillment of the request made by the Users.
In this respect, ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. informs you that your data can be transferred to service providers with whom ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. has signed the corresponding contracts in compliance with current regulations.
ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. has contracted services from technological suppliers located in countries that do not have regulations equivalent to the European one. The hiring of these services complies with all the requirements established by the data protection regulations, applying to the transfer of your data the guarantees and safeguards necessary to preserve your privacy.
For more information about the safeguards of your privacy, you can contact the Data Protection Officer, through the postal and electronic addresses indicated above. 
ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. does not adopt decisions that may affect you in a significant way based solely on the automated processing of your data. All decision making processes of our company related to your requests, services, inquiries or purchases are made with human intervention.
The personal data of the User will be kept while his/her relation with ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. is maintained. After the termination of this relationship with the User, ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. will keep the data of the user during the statutory limitation periods that results from application to each processing and to a maximum of five (5) years after the termination of the relationship with the user. In this event, personal data will be processed for the sole purpose of evidencing the compliance with our legal and contractual obligations
You are entitled, at any time and free of charge, to exercise your rights of with withdrawal of the consents granted, access, rectification, deletion and portability, limitation and/or opposition to the processing of your personal data, by sending a communication to our Data Protection Officer, through the indicated postal and electronic addresses: calle Torrelaguna, nº 79, Madrid, CP. 28043;
ENGIE ESPAÑA may revise this Privacy policy anytime. The current Privacy policy will be available at any time in the website. Updates shall be effective immediately after they are published and will be notified to all users.
By submitting their personal data to ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. and/or using the website, users expressly consent the use of their personal information in the manner described in this Privacy policy. 
The website and the Privacy, cookies and its terms and conditions of use Policy shall be governed by the Spanish law. Any dispute that may arise or any claim with respect to the content and services of the website will be resolved by the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (España), to which parties expressly submit, waiving their own jurisdiction. Effective date: May 25th, 2018.

  1. Procedure in the event of unlawful activities

If any user or a third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal an illicit use of any contents and/or any activity in the websites included or accessible through the website, he/she will have to send a notification to ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U., in particular to the email, with the proper identification, specifying the alleged infractions and specifically declaring, and under his/her responsibility, that the information provided in the notification is accurate.
In any litigation involving the website, Spanish legislation will apply in the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid. (España).

  1. Publications

The administrative information provided through this website does not replace the legal publicity of the laws, general dispositions and acts that may need to be formally published in the official bulletins of the Public Administrations, with is the only instrument that can guarantee their authenticity and contents. The information available in this Website should be understood as a guideline and does not purport to be legally binding.

  1. Notifications

All the notifications and communications between the users and ENGIE ESPAÑA S.L.U. will be considered effective, to all intents and purposes, when they are carried out through post or email or telephonic communication indicated in the first paragraph.